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Sherborne Turf

...rolling out the quality since 1975

Lawn Accessories

As well as turf and ameliorants, Sherborne Turf also supplies a full range of landscape accessories for the dedicated gardener.


Chelwood Rake 32P or 48P - A polypropylene rake suitable for leaf & grass

Chelwood Rake 18S - A steel soil/bunker rake

Chelwood Rake 18E - A steel rake for grading & levelling

Spreaders & Spinners

The Garden Wizard is a great fertiliser and seed spreader, heavy duty and yet lightweight, with an adjustable flow, non corrosive hopper, and robust gearbox. The capacity is 23 litres, which equates to 25kg fertiliser or 7kg seed.

Wonderweed 300

This is a great weed killing cane, absolutely ideal for spot weeding.

Landscape Stakes

Whether you are anchoring turf or landscape fabrics, we can supply the stakes you need.

Biodegradable Pegs 4" or Rigid Pegs 6". These are sold individually or in boxes of 500.