(Please note that this is a guide – all lawns are different and will have different requirements. For more in depth advice, please give us a call on 01935 850388, or message us online and we’ll be happy to help)

  • Mow

If your lawn is long, cut it down to manageable height before doing anything else. Ideally, cut so grass isn't higher than 1¼ inch, or about 3cm.

  • Remove Weeds

Best done in early September, the easiest way to remove weeds is to apply a weedkiller such as Weedol Lawn. Always follow the safety instructions on the packet. Allow two weeks for the application to take effect. After two weeks you should see the weeds dying back.

  • Scarify

Once weeds are removed, rake or scarify the lawn. In early autumn, remove thatch and debris from the lawn using a rake (with strong downward pressure) or a scarifier. Removal of thatch will stimulate side-shoots and runners, as well as making it easier to water and apply fertiliser and seed.

Thatch is a layer of dead material and debris that lies on top of the soil at the base of the grass. It is easily removed by raking.

  • Aerate

Break down compaction and aid drainage by spiking the lawn. This can be done with a hollow-tine fork or aerator, rolling lawn aerator, or a garden fork.

  • Apply Top Dressing

Top dressing is a mixture of sand and organic compost which is applied to the surface of the lawn to fix minor irregularities and bumps. It also helps to improve the quality of the soil, improve drainage, and stimulate healthy grass growth.

The best time of year to apply top dressing is early autumn – mid to late September is an excellent time. Use our handy online calculator here: https://www.sherborneturf.co.uk/lawn-turf to work out how much you would need to cover the area.

To apply, first use a spade to place small heaps over the surface. Next, use the back of a rake to spread across the surface, making sure to fill any depressions, evening out the surface, whilst ensuring the blades of grass are not smothered.

  • Seed and Feed

If renovating an existing lawn, apply overseed at a rate of 25g/m2.

Apply fertiliser at a rate of 35g/m2. From late September onwards, apply our Green and Black Fertiliser to green up grass and prepare your lawn for winter.

Use a walk-along or hand spreader for an even application.

  • Leave it Be

Leave the lawn for a good few weeks to allow it to recover and grow. If there isn’t enough rainfall, you may need to water to ensure the fertiliser is absorbed and the seeds have to right environment to germinate. You should be able to mow after about a month.

For further advice, call us on 01935 850388, or message us online via our website chat, Facebook or Instagram.