To celebrate compost week, here are five reasons to love it!

  1. Did you know, people have been composting for over 12,000 years? Known as “midden heaps”, it is believed that Neolithic farmers would plough them in situ by running an ard (a light plough) through them before sowing the seeds.
  2. Cleopatra loved worms! So much so, she is said to have made them sacred, making their removal punishable by death – and all because they were fantastic at composting.
  3. Using compost means you can grow heat loving plants in the UK. Known as the ‘hot bed’ process, the heat generated from the composting material (such as horse manure) can provide enough heat to keep warm loving fruit and veg (such as tomatoes or melons) happy even in colder months. Why not try it to heat up your greenhouse or polytunnel?
  4. Compost captures carbon. Not only does compost improve soil health it also stores carbon in the soil, reducing the amount released into the atmosphere.
  5. Compost both reduces waste and improves the circular economy. As a form of recycling, compost creates business opportunities and keeps things local.

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