It’s that time of year again where you may be experiencing leaf fall on your lawn. Though leaving leaves alone is a hot topic whenever autumn comes around, it is vital to make a distinction between when and where you should leave your leaves.

Leaves on your lawn will, if left, cause issues for your lawn further down the line. Leaf coverage can lead to lack of healthy growth and disease for any lawn or low growing perennials. As such they should be removed from the potentially affected areas.

But that does not mean you should bag those leaves up and throw them away.

Three reasons to keep your leaves:

  • Leaves, as they break down, make a fantastic mulch for your garden.
  • AND when composted, or piled into one area, they make a brilliant bug buffet for hedgehogs and other garden wildlife.
  • They also provide a great place to hibernate over the winter.

So, what’s the best thing to do?

Rake them and remove them from areas that would be negatively impacted, and move them to a designated area where they can be piled up and allowed to compost down.

!Remember to check any compost heaps first for any hibernating wildlife before you turn or dig them!

It’s a win win! Your lawn is happy, garden wildlife are happy, and you get a fantastic mulch to use in your garden later on in the year!