Our current economy in the UK operates on a linear basis – meaning we make products from finite sources, often creating pollution and desertification in the process, then the product is thrown away when finished with – ending up in landfill or in our oceans.

A circular economy (or closed loop shopping) is a completely different way to operate:

  • Instead of taking from finite sources, producers ensure sources are sustainable, locally sourced and, where possible, recycled.
  • Producers and businesses reduce the amount of CO2 produced by their company such as by using renewable energy, operating locally and through carbon offsetting.
  • Companies and individuals contribute towards reforestation and conservation projects.
  • Farms and other agricultural-based businesses ensure they follow regenerative practices and support the eco-system.
  • Products and packaging should be compostable, reusable or recyclable.

Here at Sherborne Turf, we are proud of the fact that we operate wherever possible using the circular economy model and are constantly striving to improve upon our efforts.

Six ways in which we help the circular economy:

  • Our turf is produced using regenerative, sustainable farming practices. Find out more about the farm and sustainability here.
  • Our turf is never grown on plastic netting – which makes for a much better, higher quality product. It is grown over a longer period of time and is cut with at least one inch of topsoil so as to include the root bed. Find out more about what makes Sherborne Turf better than the rest here.
  • We are local. We can see the turf fields from our yard. This minimises haulage and CO2 production both from vehicles and cooling equipment required to transport turf over long distances.
  • Our landscaping products, ranging from quality topsoil to fantastic composts to barks and mulches are locally sourced, and the vast majority are recycled products: in particular our soils and composts.
  • Our loose products are available to buy either in bulk, or in small, reusable bags. About two years ago we decided to remove single use plastic for smaller amounts of product and instead, customers can either use our reusable bags, or bring their own, and fill them at our self-service refill station – getting only the amount they need at a much cheaper price (up to 50% cheaper than other national retailers). Find out more about our refill bags here.
  • We use solar panels at our yard – and are always looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint, including the recent addition of our first electric van – hopefully the first of many!

Of course, there are always ways in which we can all improve further – but Sherborne Turf are consistently working towards building a sustainable business that works with our local environment and community.