Top 7 reasons to use bark and bark mulch in your garden this summer:

  • It saves you money. By protecting your plants, it will require less watering - saving you money on your water bill!*
  • It helps to protect your plants from the heat of the summer sun. By putting bark around your plants, it keeps the ground moist, and prevents the soil from drying out.
  • It protects your plants from pests like slugs and snails. Bark around plants creates a difficult surface for pests to cross, keeping them safe from hungry mouths. This is much more environmentally friendly than other, chemical-based alternatives.
  • It is completely safe to use around pollinators. Barks are environmentally friendly and won't stop bees and other pollinators from visiting and won't cause them any harm. Nor will it prevent worms from doing the important work they do improving and aerating your soil.
  • It will add value to the soil. Bark will naturally mulch down into a healthy compost, conditioning the soil and helping your plants to grow.
  • It is a natural weed suppressant. It helps to prevent any unwanted weeds from appearing and competing with your plants.
  • It looks good! Barks add a fantastic aesthetic to your garden with little effort or need for maintenance.

Barks and mulches are both affordable and sustainable at Sherborne Turf. Get whatever amount you need - from loose, to a dumpy bag, to a small refill bag and without all that extra plastic, you save both money and the environment.

*When the weather heats up and there’s little rain, the top layer of soil is the worst affected – meaning those lovely seedlings and plants you planted earlier in the year with smaller root structures will be the ones to suffer most. If you don’t have a layer of bark or mulch protecting the soil, make sure you water more often, completely soaking the area each time to make sure that top layer is fully rehydrated.