Cows are an important part of turf production

There’s more to our turf than meets the eye

Grown locally in the fields near our yard, we grow our turf as sensitively to the environment as possible.

To get the best quality turf, you must have the best quality soil. Intensified farming techniques employed until recently in countries around the world have led to a depletion in soil quality and compromised soil structure, which in turn leads, not only to lower quality crops, but also to environmental issues that can have a huge impact on our day to day lives. To avoid this, our turf is grown using sustainable crop rotation as opposed to more intensive monoculture.

Rapeseed is one of the crops grown as part of crop rotation

Turf is only one part of the bigger picture

Sherborne Turf work closely with QTAgri, who adopt a holistic approach to farming by using regenerative farming principles, rotating crops, adopting a zero-tillage policy where possible, rotationally grazing livestock, applying all-organic manure back to the land, and reincorporating chopped straw and reusing biproducts as animal feed. In addition, cutting edge technology is used to variably apply fertiliser to meet the specific crop requirements, thus ensuring no wastage, and keeping phosphates and nitrates out of the waterways.

Hedgerows have also been planted and maintained between fields to both encourage the local wildlife and further assist the improvement of soil structure, while other areas of the land have been converted into orchards for increased diversification.

A holistic approach on the farm is used to encourage flora and fauna to build up in the soil and for a healthy soil structure to develop naturally. This means our turf is always grown on the best soil, sown at the best time to result in a high-quality product with minimal negative impact on the environment.

A better future

While there is always room for improvement, Sherborne Turf and our partners at QTAgri are always working towards a better way to produce our high-quality products, with both the environment and excellence in mind.