Always well known for quality, Sherborne Turf has been grown in the Dorset countryside for 50 years.

Plastic Free

Grown plastic netting free, our turf is grown over a longer period of time, meaning the turf you buy is already well established and much more likely to thrive than turf grown with plastic netting. Not to mention also being much better for the environment and TGA approved.

This extended growing time results in the turf having a much thicker root mat. Not only does it have more established, stronger and healthier roots, the thicker mat means the roots are protected from different weather conditions and can be laid at practically any time of year.


Grown using farming practices that have been implemented and improved upon for 50 years, our turf is highly sustainable.

Each turf field is part of a crop rotation system that ensures that the soil is kept healthy and remains an integral part of the environment for local wildlife. Wildflower meadows and wetlands are maintained along with hedgerows and fallow areas to promote biodiversity, which in turn increases soil health, which in turn increases the quality of the turf.

Turf Guarantee

As we are proud members of the TGA, our turf guarantee covers supply of replacement rolls or a refund if there is evidence of roll failure or production damage which has resulted in a sub-standard level of quality. Simply let us know and we’ll immediately investigate and resolve the problem.

If an issue occurs due to circumstances beyond our or your control such as environmental factors, we are here to aid recovery step-by-step from initial assessment and diagnosis of issue, through to recommendation of treatments and lawncare protocols to follow to remedy the problem.

Advice is always available

We are always here to help, regardless of how long ago the turf was bought – or even if the turf was not bought through us – we are happy to help with any issues you might be facing with your lawn. Simply give us a call on 01935 850388, email us at or message us online on our website, Facebook or Instagram.