The ground is drying up and recovering nicely from the wet winter and early spring months with plenty of moisture still in the soil it seems too early to worry about the hot summer months ahead; however, now is the perfect time to include ZEBA water retaining granules into your garden maintenance routine.  Whether that is laying new turf, maintaining an existing lawn or for planting borders, hanging baskets and containers ZEBA will help to provide adequate moisture throughout the upcoming hotter summer months.

What is ZEBA?

ZEBA is a revolutionary starch-based, moisture retaining granule that can absorb up to 400 times its weight in water (reaching 90% of its absorption within one hour) slowly releasing it over a 12-15day period, according to the plants’ needs. It does this by forming hydrogel around the root zone and although ZEBA is capable of holding many times its weight, it has minimal swell which means that it will not leave lumps and bumps in your lawn or in soil when used for planting unlike other absorbent granules on the market.

As well as absorbing water, ZEBA will also absorb water soluble nutrients and fertiliser from the soil retaining these in an unaltered state enabling them the to be accessed by the plant when needed. Due to the continuous subtle expanding and contracting nature of the granules as they retain and release water, soil aeration increases. This action of forcing the soil particles apart is a key element to preventing root rot. Once ZEBA granules has reached their maximum absorbency, excess water will then be able to move deeper into the soil profile.  This combination of ideal water and nutrient availability and good aeration promotes faster, healthy plant growth whilst minimising the potential for root rot.

Being made from corn starch, ZEBA will naturally biodegrade into the soil over time and won’t affect the PH of your soil as it is PH neutral and can be used on all soil types.  It is non-toxic and safe to both humans and animals as well as easy to use with granules that are odourless and off-white in colour.  

How to use ZEBA

Unlike lower performance products on the market, ZEBA is a starch-based polymer made up of glucose molecules that is biodegradable in the soil and is specifically formulated for safe turf usage.  For lawns, apply ZEBA granules before laying new turf at a rate of 10 grams per m2 or mix with seed at the same rate. To use ZEBA in soil for bedding plants and borders, the same rate should be used as with lawns of 10 grams per m2. Once in place, water thoroughly to hydrate the granules and then again two to three hours later to ensure full hydration.

To use ZEBA for containers and pots alternate layers of soil with ZEBA granules at a rate of 1 gram per litre of soil until the container is almost full.  Before adding the last layer of soil, blend the layers together so that the ZEBA granules are evenly distributed throughout the container by inserting a trowel and gently twisting while pulling out of the soil.  For larger containers of more than 12-14inches deep, it is beneficial to keep the ZEBA granules in the upper two thirds of the container and you may need to mix the layers together several times.  Water thoroughly initially and again two to three hours later to ensure the granules are fully hydrated.