Bulk Loads

All of our barks, mulches, soils, composts, aggregates & sand are available to be purchased loose.

If you have the means you can collect these items from our yard in the quantity fit for your vehicle/trailer.

Alternatively we can deliver these for you on our 18 tonne tipper lorry. The maximum for a single load is 10 cube (m3) or 9 tonne. Delivery charges are based on mileage from our yard.

Delivery charges for loose loads:

0-5 miles - £59.90

5-15 miles - £99.84

15-30 miles - £159.72

30-40 miles - £239.58

40-50 miles - £279.52

If you are interested please contact us via email enquiries@sherborneturf.co.uk or call on 01935 850388 and we will be happy to quote or book a collection slot for you.