EM6 Alternative Grasses/Wildflower Mixture 80/20 for chalky and Limestone Soils


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This mix contains a good range of grasses and wildflowers suitable for chalky and limestone soils.

Some of grasses included in this mix are:

  • Red Fescue, Crested Dogs Tail, Sheep's Fescue, Quaking Grass

Some of the common names of the wildflowers included in this mix are:

  • Yarrow, Lady's Bedstraw, Bladder Campion, Bird's Foot Trefoil, Ribwort Plantain, Cowslip, Selfheal, Meadow Buttercup, Oxeye Daisy, Common Sorrel, Common Knapweed, Kidney Vetch, Turfed Vetch

The mixture is best sown in Spring or Autumn or if the temperature and weather permits throughout the year using a broadcaster spreader. or by hand.  

Wildflower requires ongoing annual management so please contact us for further details or click on this link for a guide - Wildflower Seed Sowing and Care Guide

Sold by the gram.

Sowing rate is 4 grams per square metre.

The image included is only used a guide and does not represent the complete seed mix 

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