Guidelines For Laying Turf in Hot and Dry Conditions

Although turf can be laid at any time of the year, some periods are better than others. As responsible turf producers, we would advise against laying turf in hot, dry conditions. However, if you wish to go ahead, please follow these guidelines:

  • Plan ahead. Ensure the ground is completely prepared beforehand so the turf can be laid straight away.
  • Only order the quantity of turf you can lay in one day. Turf should be laid on day of delivery. In hot conditions we cut our turf on the day of delivery to ensure it is as fresh as possible.
  • To preserve the life of the rolls, leave in a shady area (do not cover or water it in its rolled-up state).
  • Wet the ground before putting the turf down.
  • Lay and water-in no more than 20% of the turf at a time, this means the first turf you lay won’t dry out by the time you’ve reached the end of the job.
  • Use moisture retaining granules such as ZEBA.
  • In the absence of any significant rainfall, you will need to water the turf daily for the first week, every morning and evening. Newly laid turf must be absolutely saturated initially.
  • When watering pay attention to the roll edges which will dry out first. Move the sprinkler to ensure these areas are covered.
  • Keep turf damp for 2-4 weeks until the lawn is well established.

It is very easy to underestimate the amount of water required, so it is worth remembering that during hot dry spells, the top layer of your garden can be dry up to six inches, and it can take an hour for water to soak down just one inch.

We want you to be entirely happy with your lawn, and if you are unable to keep it watered, it may be best to just enjoy the sunshine and wait for a break in the weather before laying turf. We will be more than happy to supply you with our quality Sherborne Turf when conditions are more favourable.

Please note: our usual guarantee does not apply where turf is laid against our recommendation

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