Sherborne Turf Grass Seed

We stock a range of seeds suitable for a range of growing conditions for lawns in shady areas or waterlogged soil conditions. We can make provide custom mixes for lawn repairs and over seeding problem areas of your lawn.  

ST Lawn Fast establishment with excellent wear tolerance and recovery. Ideal for lawns or light use sports pitches i.e. cricket outfields. 

ST Overseed Perennial ryegrass mixture recommended for overseeding. Ideal for heavier use sports pitches i.e. cricket squares, tennis courts, hockey pitches. 

ST Shade For use in shady areas such as under trees and hedges where superior results required. 

ST Universal Rapid establishment with a good balance of wear tolerance and low maintenance. Ideal for lawns, parkland and urban landscapes. 

ST Fine Lawn Non ryegrass mixture suitable for attractive ornamental lawns in low maintenance areas. Not suitable for areas subject to high wear. 

ST SCRF   Shade tolerant, hard wearing and fast establishing strong creeping red fescue grass.

ST Rescue  Amenity annual ryegrass overseeding blend providing superior germination and establishment in very cool soil temperatures for year-round sward cover. 

ST Traditional Paddock is a mix of slow growing grasses suitable for meadows or ideal as a companion for wild flowers.

Other mixtures are available for other purposes on request, please contact the office for more information. 

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