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A light, fibrous, low odour organic matter ideal for use as a mulch or to aid the structure and health of the soil. This de-watered Soil Enhancer has light texture that easily crumbles, with similar properties and uses to mushroom compost. Although it has a small element of nutrition, its main use is to improve the physical properties and holding capacity of the soil.

  • Similar properties and uses as mushroom compost 
  • Will add structure and aid drainage in heavier soils 
  • Improve water and nutrition holding ability and structure in lighter soils
  • Adds organic matter to the soil which in turn increases the soil flora and fauna 

Soil Enhancer is a sustainable by-product from a biodigester eco-power plant; ingredients used in the biodigester include maize, whole crop barley, whole crop wheat, chicken litter and potato waste.

Recommended rate of use

  • As an additive to soil for planting, add 100mm on the top and incorporate. Therefore a dumpy bag would cover 7m2 and a cubic metre would cover 10m2.
  • As a mulch onto existing beds, add the product at say 50mm, (Do not place directly against the growth points of the plants.) Therefore dumpy = 14m2 and cubic metre = 20m2.

Delivered in bulk bags. 0.7m3 per bag. Please see our Delivery costs page 

These products can also be sold loose or in our refill bags when you collect from the Lawn & Landscape Centre or we can deliver in bulk loads on request. Please contact us for more information and prices.

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