Delivery Vehicles with Sherborne Turf

At Sherborne Turf we have a range of vehicles in our fleet to make it possible to deliver to a wide variety of locations.

The Crane Lorry:

Our crane lorry can carry up to 9 tonnes of loose product or up to 280 rolls of turf (depending on the weight of the turf), or up to 10 dumpy bags of product. Suitable for most types of access including craning over fences if access permits. This 18 tonne lorry is 8 ft wide and was added to the fleet in 2021. There is no forklift attached.

The 6-Wheeler:

Our 6-Wheeler can carry up to 700 rolls of turf, 15 heavy dumpy bags of product. The detachable forklift allows for greater flexibility with drop off. This lorry was added to the fleet 5 years ago.


Many of our lorries have a detachable forklift on the back to help us to drop the delivery as close as possible to where the customer requires it. Our forklifts all require 8ft wide access so are not suitable for narrow driveways or paths.

The Manitou Forklift:

Our forklift is an excellent way to get large quantities of product where it needs to be. The Manitou is a large forklift - as wide as the lorry it comes with - and is only suitable for places with a minimum of 8ft-wide access.

The Tridem Drop-Side Lorry:

Our newest and best addition to the fleet. Our Tridem Drop-Side Lorry with forklift can carry 840 rolls of turf, or roughly 18 heavy dumpy bags of product. Purpose built to be more manoeuvrable for tighter access. The detachable forklift allows greater flexibility as can park close by and get as close as possible to the desired drop off point. The forklift needs 8ft wide access. This lorry was added to the fleet in 2022.

The Artic Lorry:

Our Artic Lorry has been a part of the fleet for 5 years. Excellent for large deliveries with suitable access. This 44 tonne lorry can hold 1120 rolls of turf or 26 bags of product. 

Click on the photo to see this lorry in action!