Purity Soil Conditioner


Spring and Autumn organic soil conditioner.

Made from plant extracts, which is designed to purify the soil before the on‐set of spring growth and autumn/winter shut down. 

Benefits of organic plant extract:

‐ Promotes establishment of Fescues, Bents and Rye grasses.

‐ Improves root mass and increases nutrient uptake.

‐ Increases plant tolerance to stress conditions.

‐ Encourages faster grow‐in and establishment of new grass seedlings.

‐ Increase resistance to and speedier recovery from disease.

‐ Maintains plant count entering into a dormant period.

‐ Acts as a bio‐stimulant, which will enhance microbial activity.

Can be applied to all types of turf, greens, tees, fairways, sports pitches and general amenity turf.

Suitable for all type of soils.

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