Welcome To Sherborne Turf at the Lawn & Landscape Centre

Sherborne Turf have been growing and harvesting Turf in Dorset since the 1970’s We have developed our own seed mixes and slow grow our turf with out the use of plastic netting. By slowing growing the turf develops a strong root mat, this means that the turf will have a better chance of establishing after it has been lifted. We believe that the use of plastic netting is unsustainable and more importantly if you need to repair a patch in your lawn with netting you will need to replace the entire roll. As our business has grown we have moved to a new location and have developed a centre of expertise for lawns and landscaping, offering aggregates, premium soils, composts and more. We have also stock a range of garden machinery. Our garden machinery range is based on years of professional landscaping experience, we will not sell you anything that isn’t suitable for the job you require the machine for. We can supply from budget machines through to professional estate maintenance equipment. We have a fully equipped workshop offering servicing and repairs to all makes of lawn tractors and mowers.