Welcome To Sherborne Turf at the Lawn & Landscape Centre

As part of Sherborne Turf’s ongoing desire to provide a complete service for its customers, the supply of ameliorates was gradually introduced to the portfolio, and the full range of products now includes topsoil, compost, bark, mulch, dressing, fertiliser, wildflower seeds, irrigation equipment, rakes, pegs, landscape fabrics, and many more garden essentials. The soil we supply is from a trusted supplier, screened to 10mm, and stored under cover in winter, ready for delivery in bulk bags. Alternatively, loose loads are available for bulk orders, and these can be delivered using vehicles ranging from a 4-wheel tipper to an 8-wheel bulker. The landscape accessories and irrigation equipment we sell are the same type and quality used by our own experienced team of landscapers, and these reflect the same high standard Sherborne Turf has built its reputation on.