Lawncare Advice & Annual Plan of Action;

  • Mow the lawn at least every 5 days in the growing period using the 1/3rd of grass rule.
  • Remove grass clippings unless using a mulching attachment on mower.
  • To aid the appearance of the lawn scarify & rake to minimise horizontal growth.
  • Use a selective herbicide (Weedol-kills weeds not lawns) to control broad leaved weeds/clover etc.

Spring - March / April

  • Apply Stripy Green Fertiliser at 35g/m2
  • Over sow the lawn with ST Over-seed seed at 25/gm2 where required.
  • Lightly roll if you have a roller.

Summer - July / Aug

  • To prevent fungal attacks, contact a certificated sprayer who will be able to treat the lawn with fungicide. This should prevent fungal attacks or if one has taken to the lawn, they can treat it.
  • Apply Sherborne Turf Fertilizer at 35gm2 and water in if we do not have any rain forecast.
  • Look to lengthen the cut of grass to approx. 75mm, in warmer weather as this will protect the grass from over-heating.
  • Water the grass only if doing regularly and carry out in the early morning, to prevent sitting wet overnight which will encourage a fungal attack.
  • Do not walk or play on the lawn whilst it is wet as this can not only spread fungus but also cause more stress and damage.

Autumn - October / Early November

  • Rake/scarify the lawn.
  • Remove all the arisings.
  • Aerate the lawn with a lawn aerator machine or a fork.
  • Apply Green and Black Fertiliser to harden the lawns for the winter and at high doses will blacken moss.

(Please note this will stain surfaces such as path & patios, plus you should avoid walking on the grass for 24 hours as it can be transferred to indoor floors and carpets on shoes which will also stain).

  • Over sow the lawn with ST Over-seed seed at 25/gm2 where required.
  • Top dress with a 50/50 fine sand & compost mix if required to aid drainage and address any undulations.
  • Lightly roll if you have a roller.
  • Leave for a good few weeks.
  • Look to mow a time or two in October and as required over the winter.

And then we start again….

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