Buy a mower, plant a tree

Last year, EGO partnered up the Eden Reforestation Projects with the pledge that for every battery powered tool they sell, a tree will be planted to aid reforestation. So far this has already led to thousands of trees being planted in EGO’s name all around the world.

Working across multiple regions, from Brazil to the Philippines, Eden Reforestation Projects support both communities and the environment by restoring and monitoring over 241,150 hectares of land, planting millions of trees each month. Working with local communities, they are creating jobs and helping the local economy – all while supporting the environment in the long-term.

This is only one part of EGO’s commitment to help mitigate climate change.

A more sustainable garden product

A test from 2011 comparing emissions produced by a Ford v8 pickup and a 4-stroke petrol leaf blower discerned that the leaf blower is far worse for the environment than the pickup, producing 13.5 times more CO2. This proved that battery powered garden tools are by far the better choice. These results have only spurred EGO on to further improve performance and lower costs to help people make a better choice for the environment when looking after their gardens. Ego’s R&D team are consistently working to develop even more innovative, environmentally friendly products with the aim of making the future more sustainable.

Challenge 2025

As part of their commitment to a sustainable future, EGO created Challenge 2025: an information and research portal that anyone can use to learn how to make even the smallest of changes that can have a huge impact on the environment.

Find out about this and all of EGO’s environmental commitments through their website.

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