Here at Sherborne Turf, we’re determined to provide the highest quality for the best value price with locally grown and sourced supplies.

This applies to our gorgeous Christmas trees. Locally grown Nordmann Fir, (the most popular type of tree in the UK) with thick, soft, glossy needles and minimal drop, these trees will continue to look stunning throughout the holidays.

Follow our simple instructions to prepare and care for your tree this December and keep it looking great with minimal mess:

1. Remove netting and saw at least an inch off the bottom of the trunk.

Use a saw, not an axe, and cut straight across. A V shape will not aid water absorption and will make it unstable in the stand.

2. Immediately place tree in a bucket of water and keep upright.

Store outside, vertically, in a cool, sheltered area overnight for 24 hours.

Your tree can absorb up to 4 litres of water in the first 24 hours, so make sure there is always enough water in the bucket.

If the water level drops below the bottom of the tree for over 5 hours, you will need to trim another inch off the bottom of the tree because the base will harden with sap preventing any further water absorption, even if you top the water back up.

3. Whatever stand you use, make sure the tree is well secured and stable.

Do not chop chunks of bark off the sides, the bark provides most of the water absorption.

Have two people set the tree in the stand, one holding it straight, one fixing the base.

Allow a couple of hours before decorating to let the tree settle into shape.

4. Keep your tree stand or pot regularly topped up with water.

Do not let the water drop below the bottom of the tree.

If the water in your stand starts to smell a bit "off", it's probably because it's been sitting for too long, so change/top it up more regularly

There is no need to put any additives into the water, they are not necessary - plain water is best, and if you accidentally bump the water tray you won't end up with sticky presents.

5. Decorate your tree.

Think about safety, do not overload electrical sockets. Check bulbs are working properly and check the wires for damage.

LED lights produce less heat, and therefore reduce risk of fire.

Use a secure ladder to reach the top of the tree.

Find your perfect Christmas tree at our yard on Marston Road. Use our click and collect service here.

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