It can be a little overwhelming when looking for the best fertiliser (or fertilizer) for the job at hand. But never fear, Sherborne Turf can help you work it out.

The best all-rounder:

If you’d like a multi-purpose fertiliser to do several different jobs, then our Stripy Green Fertiliser is perfect. Specifically designed to promote root establishment, this feed is perfect for new lawns, whether seeding or turfing, as well as planting in beds or baskets. Use on established lawns in the spring to encourage healthy growth, or before the first frosts hit to strengthen the grass for winter. A great all-rounder!

The best fertiliser for new lawns:

Stripy Green Fertiliser is the best fertiliser for new lawns, whether you are laying new turf, or seeding a new lawn. Stripy Green has the perfect mixture of micronutrients to aid healthy root establishment in new and younger plants, promoting fast growth and preventing disease.

The best fertiliser for planting:

Tree bags are the best solution for planting more established plants, shrubs, or trees. They contain moisture retaining granules to hold moisture in the root zone, and micronutrients for all round growth. As a rough guide, use 1 for bedding plants, 2 for larger shrubs, and 4 or 5 each tree.

The best spring lawn feed:

Stripy Green Fertiliser is ideal as a spring feed for your lawn. It contains a mix of micronutrients which encourage leafy growth so your lawn will green up quickly. We would recommend applying 35g per m2 of lawn.

The best fertiliser to control red thread disease:

Use a high nitrogen fertiliser such as our Sherborne Turf Fertiliser. This will release the nutrients straight away to strengthen the plant and help combat the disease. It is slow release and will continue feeding the lawn over three months. Apply at 35g per m2 when rain is due as part of your general lawn care routine. Find out more about how to control Red Thread in our Advice Section.

The best fertiliser for greening up an existing lawn:

To promote green growth, use a high nitrogen fertiliser such as Sherborne Turf Fertiliser. The nitrogen content will green up the grass and, as it is slow release, will continue to help it grow for three months. Apply at a rate of 35g per m2.

The best summer lawn feed:

As with greening up lawns, the perfect summer feed is Sherborne Turf Fertiliser because of its high nitrogen and slow-release formula. Make sure to apply just before rain, preferably when the weather is cooler, or ensure you can water in to avoid scorching the grass. Apply at 20g per m2.

The best fertiliser for dealing with moss:

If your lawn is covered in moss, use a fertiliser high in iron, such as our Green and Blacks Fertiliser, to help blacken the moss so that it can then easily be removed through raking/scarifying. Apply at 70g per m2. Perfect as part of your autumn lawn care routine.

The best autumn lawn feed:

Great for hardening lawns going into cooler weather and as part of your autumn lawn care, Green and Blacks Fertiliser is perfect to feed your lawn in autumn. Apply at a rate of 35g per m2.

The best winter lawn feed:

Normally it is not necessary to feed your lawn during the winter. The grass should go into a dormant state during the colder months and so feeding, watering, and mowing will not be needed until the weather warms up. If, however, the weather is still relatively mild, then your lawn may benefit from an extra boost of Stripy Green Fertiliser. This will promote root growth and strengthen the lawn under the soil, protecting the grass form any harsher weather to come.

Of course, if you need advice, we're always happy to help. Give our friendly team a call on 01935 850388, us message us on our website or on Facebook or Instagram.