Have you been participating in #nomowmay? If you have recently cut your grass for the first time and it looks yellow, don’t panic.

Letting your lawn grow helps with rewilding your outdoor space, which is fantastic for bees and other important pollinators. If you've since decided to mow, you may have noticed a distinct yellowing to your lawn. This is a normal reaction to being cut short after being left long, and there is no need to worry. Because the lower levels of the grass haven’t had exposure to light, there has been a lack of photosynthesis, leaving it a pale colour. The simplest thing to do is just to leave it be, giving it time to recover by itself. Make sure that the next time you cut it, you follow the one third rule, cutting no more than a third of the length of the grass. Cutting this way, little and often, should help maintain its healthy green colour. 

Under normal, slightly rainy conditions, your grass should green up easily – though a small amount of summer fertiliser, like our Sherborne Turf Fertiliser, will give the lawn a much-needed feed. Make sure you only apply when cool and there is a good chance of rain, otherwise the fertiliser will cause scorching. It would not be advisable in our current hot weather.

Hot weather 

In the recent hot weather, there’s a strong possibility your lawn will start to look yellow regardless of how recently you’ve mowed it. This is nothing to worry about. The simple solution for a green lawn is to make sure you water your lawn either early in the morning or when it gets cooler in the evening. However, if you would prefer to save your water bill, there is nothing to worry about if you decide to let your lawn go yellow or even brown. The grass will quickly recover once it starts raining again. If you’re thinking about laying a new lawn, read our advice on laying turf in hot conditions here.

Grass is a hardy plant and should recover easily from any stresses such as over mowing or lack of rain, a little bit of time and attention will always help to restore the health of your lawn.

If you are still concerned about your lawn, get in touch for help and advice. You can call us on 01935 850388, message us online, or email us at enquiries@sherborneturf.co.uk. Our turf team are here to help.