Your Turf in June

To do list includes:

  • Weed Control
  • Regular Mowing
  • Watering
  • Fertilising
  • Dealing with Pests and diseases

It’s important that, while you’re out in you garden (hopefully) enjoying the lovely June sunshine, you still maintain your lawn in order to keep it looking a lovely, healthy green. This month, it will need to be mowed more often, roughly twice a week, whilst raking should help to control any unwanted weeds.

If the weather is dry, make sure to water your lawn to compensate for lack of rainfall. Need a new hose? Don’t forget you can get all your lawn maintenance and gardening products on our website. Check out our hosepipes here.

It’s a good idea to use a good quality fertiliser on your lawn. A common problem at the moment is Red Thread Disease so you’ll need a high nitrogen content fertiliser such as Hi N Fertiliser that releases the nutrients immediately. Just remember that this sort of fertiliser needs to be used with care as it can scorch the grass. A gentler option is our Sherborne Turf Fertiliser which has a combination of instant and slow release nitrogen which release as water and heat get to it. For more advice, check out our handy “Which Fertiliser” guide. Once you’ve read through, there’s plenty of fertiliser to choose from on our website.

Sherborne Turf FertiliserSherborne Turf Fertiliser

If you have a moss problem, then it’s best to wait until autumn to deal with this.

The summer months are often a lovely month to be out in your garden, but this increased usage, especially by children and pets, can lead to damage. A good idea, if possible, is to rotate the areas used most in order to reduce the impact. To maintain and repair well-loved areas, spike and fertilise and, if the grass is worn, add grass seed. Make sure, if weather conditions are dry, that you can water regularly. You should also think about cut height – remember that a slightly longer sward will give the lawn a better chance of recovery and it won’t dry or stress out so much. Our experts recommend a 50mm sward.

Pests and diseases can be a problem at this time of year, in particular red thread, ‘dry patch’, chafer beetles and ants.

For dry patch, it’s a good idea to water your lawn, spike it lightly and fertilise.

When dealing with ants, good lawn maintenance is key. Regularly scarifying, aerating and watering your lawn (in dry weather), will help to keep ants’ nests under control. Though it is pretty much impossible to eliminate ants completely, it is possible to manage them and live with them.

In comparison, chafer beetles, which are also known as ‘June bugs’ because of their appearance in May and June, provide a delicious feast for wildlife visiting your garden. The best thing is to allow birds to clear the lawn of the grubs living just beneath the surface as, preferably, they will get to them before the slightly more destructive badgers get there!

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