Normally a warm and sunny month, this August has been a mixed bag so far, with quite a lot of rain. While disappointing in terms of you being able to spend much time in your garden, it can be beneficial for your lawn by keeping it well-watered. Here are some hints and tips while dealing with heavy rainfall.

In the short term, the best things to do to care for your lawn while the weather is wet are:

  •  Avoid mowing until the grass dries. If you mow while the grass is wet, it can cause problems for your mower by blocking it up, not to mention potentially damaging the grass by stressing growth and causing compaction.
  • Try not to walk on rain-soaked grass. Walking on it can also cause compaction and can pull up any unstable roots, therefore killing the grass.
  • Try to keep the area clear by removing any debris caused by the rain. This will help with drainage and preventing flooding.

In the long-term:

  • Grow more plants around your lawn. This is the simplest way to aid drainage – just make sure you choose plants that can survive wet conditions.
  • Regularly aerate your lawn. This will also help with drainage by helping the lawn to breathe.
  • Improve your lawn’s drainage. This will require expert advice and can be a big job, but there are many ways to do this, most commonly during lawn installation or renovation. Some suggestions might include installing land drains or creating sloping surfaces. 
  • If you are still experiencing issues, it is always a good idea to consult a professional for advice. The team at Sherborne Turf are always happy to provide assistance. Please call us on 01935 850388, or email us at

What should you do if the weather heats up again?

With the unpredictability of the great British summer, this is always a possibility. If the weather does heat up again, here are a few helpful tips:

  • The aeration already done to help with drainage will continue to help. If you are undertaking any lawn renovation involving aeration (commonly performed in spring or autumn) then we would recommend using Top Dressing. Consisting of 50% fine sand and 50% organic compost it has the dual benefit of not only aiding drainage, but the added compost can also help to retain some moisture in the ground during the drier months.
  • While the weather is dry, regularly cut your grass, cutting little and often with a slightly higher cut height will maintain moisture and keep the environment around cooler (cutting too short will cause the soil to heat up and stress the grass). By keeping the leaf longer, it helps to shade the soil and stops it from drying out. Our Ambrogio robotic mowers can further assist in this by cutting tiny amounts at a time and leaving microscopic millimetres of clippings on the lawn in order to feed it and keep it healthy.
  • If possible, shade your grass. Try moving your garden furniture into different positions in order to provide shade from the heat of the sun.
  • Use a lower nitrogen-based fertiliser in order to avoid any negative reaction with the dry grass. Our Stripy Green Fertiliser is a better fit during the summer months, but for more advice contact us on 01935 850388 or email us at
  • Keep your lawn watered. Watering deeply and early in the morning is the best way to ensure your grass keeps healthy roots. Try to avoid watering little and often as this can have the opposite effect. Think about the irrigation system you have in place to ensure your lawn is kept hydrated.
  • If you are uncertain, or would like more help, please get in touch with our experts on 01935 850388, or email us at