Did you know that looking after your soil is a huge part of having a healthy lawn and garden? If you would like to keep your lawn looking fantastic throughout the year, then you may need to purify your soil.

Spring is the perfect time to look after your lawn, especially after the wet winter we've had. A fantastic way to help your lawn as it wakes up for spring is to apply Purity Soil Conditioner to the turf.

Purity Soil Conditioner is made from organic plant extracts and has been designed to purify the soil by providing it with a base of organic matter before the onset of spring growth and before the autumn/winter shut down. By applying Purity in autumn, and then again in spring, it can:

  • Promote the establishment of healthy grasses such as Fescues, Bents and Rye grasses
  • Improve root mass and increase nutrient uptake
  • Increase plant tolerance to stress conditions
  • Increase resistance to and speedier recovery from disease
  • Maintain plant count entering into a dormant period
  • Encourage faster grow-in and establishment of new grass seedlings
  • Act as a bio-stimulant, which will enhance microbial activity

Purity works by stimulating all available nutrients to release steadily over a 6-8 week period. It will work with whatever nutrients are in the soil, whether the soil is already naturally nutrient rich, has had applications of compost to increase the nutrients over time, or has recently had fertiliser added.

This product is suitable for all soil types. Though it is possible to apply all year round, it is recommended that it is applied in early spring and early autumn/winter (before the first frosts).

To use:

  • Apply evenly over the turf
  • Water in for 5-10 minutes to enhance and start the process

*Caution: this product contains tea seed saponins and is hazardous to aquatic life and nematodes. Do not apply within 3 metres of, and do not allow run-off into, watercourses.*

When applying, ensure gloves, mask and protective glasses/goggles are worn.

Did you know?

Interestingly, it has also been discovered to have the added benefit of discouraging pests that may cause damage to your lawn such as leatherjackets. Originally used on sports grounds, not only to improve the soil, but also to reduce the occurrence of worm casts, it was found to be an irritant to leatherjackets and other invertebrates living in the soil. To use for this purpose, simply:

  • Apply at double the rate to affected areas
  • Heavily water in for 5-10 minutes
  • Make sure to do so in autumn and again in early spring (key points in the leatherjacket/crane fly life cycle)
  • Any creatures living in the soil will soon start to appear on the surface
  • Remove any worms and put in a safe area of your garden
  • Either leave leatherjackets for the birds to eat, or remove them yourself

Purity is a helpful aid in the physical removal of unwanted garden pests. It works by creating a hostile environment in which invertebrates will not thrive. It encourages them to remove themselves from that area and emerge from the soil. They can then be moved to a more desirable location.

*If planning on using nematodes leave a 6-8 week window after applying Purity before introducing them to the soil. Do not apply at the same time.*

Purity is available from Sherborne Turf at fantastic prices and can be delivered to your door. Find out more here.

For more advice on leatherjackets, have a look here.

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